I got a raise!

Woohoo! 9.5%! And in 10 weeks, no less!


Alas, poor Bubba...

I'm really upset that Bubba the Lobster died. Now, I do eat meat, and have eaten probably 7 lobsters in my life. (I'm just not all that fond of them, which is sacrilege in Maine where my extended family lives.) But Bubba had no business being brought ashore. I suspect it has to do with Massachusetts. Maine, you see, has very specific guidelines to protect one of the largest components of its industry. Any lobster over 5" as measured from its eyeballs to the hinge where the body meets the tail must be released. There's also a minimum size requirement. Mother lobsters that have visible egg sacs are also released. But there was no reason for this monstrous denizen of the deep to be captured and made into a museum exhibit. Besides, a 22-lb. lobster just has to be nasty eating.
In better news, at least some cat survived being taken on a 10-mile car ride--on the roof of the car!


So... does it work the other way around?

I saw today that the new Secretary of Education (um, passive voice? Hello! It's fundamental!) has objected to a PBS show, "Postcards from Buster," that had lesbians in it. Never mind that the show was about Maple syrup (um, Maine really has better maple syrup, but, again, never mind). My thing is this: the rationale is all about parents who don't want their children "exposed to that lifestyle." Well, you know what? I don't want my children exposed to Conservatives and their lifestyle. So can I remove them from the airwaves? I think they are disgusting, craven, and immoral, and I don't think my children should be raised knowing that such people exist. So let's get them off the airwaves. It's a plan.



Will someone please please please PLEASE explain to me how the hell a Democrat can vote to confirm Condi, or Mr. Torture? Especially after saying "It is with much hesitance that I vote to confirm her." You know what? It doesn't matter what you vote, so you might as well VOTE YOUR FUCKING CONSCIENCE! Christ on a stick, I am so pissed off at this morons. That's it. I'm running for Congress. I'll whip their whiny little asses into shape, I'll tell them to stop gazing at their stupid linty bellybuttons, and I will get them to be, you know, an opposition party? Jiminy Christmas! So, PoppieProng for Representative, or PoppieProng for Senator, it doesn't matter. Vote for me!



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So It's Alberto Gonzalez...

This choice is wrong on so many levels. While Gonzalez is not apparently anointed by God to "protect" our civil liberties, he is no better than Ashcroft. Only one thing really needs to be said about Mr. Gonzalez: Abu Ghraib.
Gonzalez's memos rationalizing torture in contravention of the Geneva Conventions more likely than not led to the single most damning incident of the last four years. Because of the torture at Abu Ghraib, the United States is condemned and reviled across the world, more than it has ever been. Ever. I mean, ever. We're hated. Despised. Detested. And what do people do that hate, despise, detest something? They fight back.
No, this choice is horrible, and if this is any indication of where the next four years are heading, we on the Left truly have our work cut out for us.
To that end, we can't just sit back and bitch and moan. We have to contact all our Senators and tell them not to approve this disastrous choice. So get to work, people. Consider this your marching orders.


I'm Back and I'm Pissed

The three of you out there who bothered to look at my webpage, back when it was called PoppieProng's Playground, may be happy to know that I am back. The rest of you, I say hello.
Expect more of the same, and in many instances, expect even better. I am saddened to realize that I foolishly deleted all my hard work in a drunken fit of jubillence one day. I will try to control my inebriation. I don't typically get drunk, so I should be fine.
In any case, we have a lot of work to do to win this country back, and I'm willing to fight....are you?